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There is something so relaxing about sitting in the house and listening to the rain come down. A storm can be scary but when you are indoors it can be an adventure. That is all the way up to the moment when you realize that your roof has a leak. The roof is your first defense against the elements and when there is a problem often times it shows up in the house. This is true when there is a roof leak. It can look like a wet stain on the ceiling or a simple drip. The water that is coming in the house is usually from an issue with the roofing materials. There are some people that choose to clean up the leak and just ignore the repairs that you know will need to be done. There are some severe consequences when you choose to ignore a leaking roof that you might think twice about fixing.

Hometown Roofing & Remodeling Outlines What Happens When You Ignore a Leak From Your Roof

Potential Ceiling Collapse & Structural Damage: The first and really the most important aspect of ignoring a roof leak is that you are letting what might be a small repair turn into a larger repair. The roof might have no visible sign of damage when you look at it. That is because even a small amount of damage can let water and other moisture get under the roofing material and into your home. The water damage can end up getting in at the site of the damage but that is not where it will end. The longer you allow the damage to exist the further that damage will end up spreading. This means that not only are you now stuck repairing the area of roof but also other areas that may be damaged as well. The repair cost goes up and up the longer you let the roof leak exist.
Mold on Ceiling & Walls from Roof Leak: You of course are dealing with the fact that there is a leak in the roof. This means that you need to have it repaired but if you let the leak stay for some time you are letting moisture build up. The problem that you have when you are letting water or moisture in your home is the presence of mold and mildew. These are both things that are bad for you and your family’s health. If you are in a house that has mold the spores can be in the air and you might be breathing them in. there are some serious ramifications when you breathe in the mold. It can really make you sick.
Roof Leaks Cost More in Energy: The roof leak will get in the roof at the top of the home. It will then get in the insulation and soak all the way through the ceiling leaving a stain. When the water soaks into the attic it will soak the insulation and that will damage it. When the insulation is smashed down it will not be able to do its job. That will then show up on your energy bill because the house will not be able to keep the heat and cool in the house.

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