Ellen J
December 18, 2014

We needed a second opinion regarding the roof condition of the house we’re going to buy. The shingle roof was 8 years old and had seen a lot of storm and hail damage over those years. I called Hometown Roofing Repairs because I had seen their sign on one of the neighbor’s front lawn. I assumed they had done a good job because the neighbor left up the sign for some time (I noticed the sign as well as the great looking roof whenever I drove by). I set up a roof inspection for the next day and Wayne and Joe, the roof specialists arrived exactly on time with a courteous attitude and lots of experience, despite the face they were only young fellows, which made me at ease watching them climb the steep roof. They spent a good 25 minutes inspecting the whole roof with great attention. These residential roofers even noticed something missed during the home inspection – a missing downspout. They offered an honest opinion, assuring me that the roof was in good condition and only requiring minor roof repair, not a replacement for the time being, and it would last another few years at least. I parted ways with a lot of respect that they didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t need. They did a fantastic job on the roofing repairs and I will definitely go to them again when needed!