There are a number of different roof styles or types of roofs that are used on homes and commercial buildings. Knowing which types of roof you have can help when repairs or replacements are needed. Hometown Roofing & Remodeling will share some of the most common roofs used for residential homes. Below are some of the most common roof types found on residential homes.

Different Types & Styles of Roofs

1. Skillion Roof – Skillion roofs are typically used for multi-story homes. A Skillion roof has a single sloping surface that has only one half of a triangular shape that slopes flat. Skillion roofs have a unique pattern and shape that adds to the look of home. Most modern style multi-story homes use this style of roof.
2. Arched Roof – The Arched roof style is only used on sections of the entire roof. Arched roofs are never used for the entire roof. However, when used correctly the arched roof makes for a fantastic accent in your roof design.
3. Cross Gabled Roof – Like the arched roof, the Cross Gabled roof is only used as a portion of a roof. Again, they are typically used as an accent to the roof design. Cross gabled roofs are typically seen on the front side of a two story house. Cross gabled shingles are triangle shaped extensions that in most cases have a window or shutters.
4. Flat Roofs – Flat roofs are common on commercial buildings. However, they are occasionally also used for residential housing as well. Flat roofs are known to help keep the inside cooler. However, it does require more frequent maintenance than other types of roofs.
5. Pyramid Roofs – Another accent style or type of roof is the pyramid roof. Pyramid roofs are typically seen over small portions of the home such as a garage, pool house, and the extension portions of a home. As the name suggests this roof design is in a shape of a pyramid.
6. Hip Roofs – A hip roof is also a pyramid roof. However, the point of the pyramid is flattened. Nevertheless, it still has the four sides like a pyramid. Again, Hip roofs aren’t used for the entire roof, rather just smaller portions of a home.
7. Saltbox Roof – One of the more unique style of roofs used is the Saltbox roof. The front of a saltbox roof is a single slant that usually is in front of a house but can vary. Saltbox roofs are most seen on cabin style homes.
8. Gambrel Roofs – The Gambrel roof is a style that is made of four slopes. Two of the slopes have a vertical gable where the ends hang over the façade of a house. Gambrel roofs are inspired by Dutch design.
9. Mansard Roofs – Mansard roofs are similar to Gambrel roofs. Mansard roofs have four sides but lack the vertical gable end that hangs over the façade of houses. Instead, each side slopes where the lower slope are deeper in than the sections of the upper slopes.

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There are a number of roof designs and types which are used for homes and other structures. Depending on the type of roof you may have may change how you approach repairs. Regardless of the style of roof your home has, Hometown Roofing & Remodeling can help maintain, repair, and inspect your roof. For all of your roofing needs, contact Hometown Roofing & Remodeling today!